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New Anvita Health Patent Leverages Comparative Effectiveness Research in Drug Selection


Unique use of data and analytics drives patient-specific drug therapies


SAN DIEGO, Nov. 2, 2010 – With its third patent this year, clinical analytics pioneer Anvita Health has generated another point-of-care innovation with a method for using electronic medical record data combined with comparative effectiveness and formulary plan data to generate a highly personalized drug therapy regimen.


The patent, issued earlier this month, uses a computerized indexing system integrating several databases to rank and sort available drugs to treat a given diagnosis. Ranking and sorting the drugs is conducted within the context of an individual patient’s medical history based upon data extracted from medical claims, pharmacy claims, lab values, electronic medical records, and any other available clinical data.


Using evidence-based rules, including rules based upon the findings of Patient-Centered Outcomes Research, also known as comparative effectiveness research, total efficacy of drug regimens is analyzed, and the results may be output or displayed in a variety of ways for use by the health care provider.

“Our aim with this patent is to facilitate the use of every available data source to increase the likelihood of positive treatment outcomes,” said Anvita Health Chief Medical Officer and co-founder Ahmed Ghouri, M.D. “We know that comparative effectiveness research will be a rich source of leveragable information to enhance the analysis and provide the most personalized and effective treatment options at the point of care.”


The chart above shows a list of drugs before and after analysis based upon the patient’s unique medical history and the expected efficacy of treatments.



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About Anvita Health: Founded by physicians in 2000, Anvita Health provides innovative clinical analytics to its customer partners who, combined, cover more than 100 million lives. Anvita Health provides a high-performance clinical analytics engine for health plans, pharmacy benefit managers, disease management companies, personal health record and electronic health record companies, and healthcare providers. Anvita Health is headquartered in San Diego, California.


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